Monday, February 28, 2011

Last post was in 2009??!?!

Where the hell did I go? I can't believe its been that long since I have written ANYTHING.... How do I make up for the year of 2010??

Here is the Highlight reel!

January 2010-

Decided it was time to move on from our farm

Feb- Bought a 1300 acre farm and decided 850 cows to milk would be a great idea. Kev and Mac got married and were expecting
March- After numerous trips to the doctor for a sore tummy I am diagnosed with a stress ulcer.
April- April 7th, I found out my stress ulcer is infact not an ulcer but a beautiful baby growing!!!! (OMG!!!!)
Sage had to be put to sleep just a few days later :(
May- I headed back to the US after packing our house to be in Jean's wedding!
June- Jean's Wedding, Found out we were expecting a baby boy, Brendan and I headed off the Europe and the UK to see friends.
July- Kev and Mac Welcome baby Kaylee
August- Felt big kicks from the baby boy growing in my belly.
Sep-Nov Spent every waking moment remodeling our house
December- December 5th we welcomed the most BEAUTIFUL baby boy into our lives. His Name is Cooper James Saunders.

There you have it- The highlights of my 2010. I will try to keep this Blog updated better, but since no one really reads it- it's not too much pressure :)

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