Saturday, September 3, 2011

Journey Update!

As of today I weighed in at 86 kgs!! Start August 10th 2011- 94kgs (207lbs) September 1st 2011 - 86 Kgs!! (189lbs) 8Kgs gone! That is 18lbs GONE! I still have a LONG way to go, but this is a great start. I am so pumped that I have managed to lose this much so fast. I am in no way starving myself. I am just eating "Real" food. I walk about 5k a day with Cooper. I am trying to get two walks in on most days, but it doesn't always happen! This past week I worked at the Body Studio for my friend Sam. It has been great having a "Job" to go to, but I do not enjoy the 1.5 hour drive there and back. Family Pictures have come out and they are fantastic. As soon as I pick the ones I want I will post some. I am already proud that I am looking healthier now than in those pictures! Just means I will have to have more family pictures done this summer. So there is my update. I know I said I would do it weekly, but it's been busy. I will try to update more often! xx

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