Wednesday, July 1, 2009

" Woah, did she just write that??"

Ok so I am subscribed to a few blogs that I love to read. One in particular is a grieving mother who has just lost her beautiful baby girl, and it is the most honest and well written blog I have ever read.
Heather pours her heart and soul out to her blog. Yesterday she wrote a very honest blog about how upset she is. Some random reader pretty much told her to suck it up and quit bitching. Now, I am not kidding when I mean this woman left a comment that would shatter a woman's heart even if she hadn't lost a baby. It broke my heart to even see such a cruel comment. Heather and her husband Mike are going through a parents worst nightmare and someone has the audacity to tell them that their personal thoughts are stupid???? No way! needless to say there was plenty of back up. This was by far the best reply left to the horrible commenter.


Please do the world a favor and go **** yourself. If you don’t want to read the blog anymore, just stop coming here. There was no need to exacerbate some one else’s pain with that kind of thoughtless, heartless and vicious comment.

What the **** should she write about? Rainbows, puppies and kittens. Apparently you don’t know that writing IS therapy, you cock-juggling thundercunt. (sorry I couldn't edit the best part lol)

I am so sick of people taking advantage of the anonymity of the internet to be so damn cruel to others. Grow a pair, Kelly and come tell someone that shit to their face.

WOW! Now I am not trying to condone internet hate out there, but that comment not only sparked a fire on the blog site but this response above had everyone in fits of laughter. Amazing. I am always amazing at the power of words. What we can express with words just makes living that much better. I pray for Heather and Mike. I don't know them, I probably will never "know" them. I do pray for them though.

Be grateful for all you have in life. You will never ever know what tomorrow will bring.

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Inspirational Quote of the Day:

“Smile at each other,
smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other -- it doesn't matter who it is -- and that will help you to grow up in greater love for each other.”

Mother Teresa

Random fact of the day:


Koalas have twin thumbs
A Koala also has finger prints that are almost identical to ours

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