Monday, June 29, 2009

2,299 miles.

There are a lot of things that can happen in 2,299 miles. There is a chance that you might learn about the land you travel, you could sleep through parts of it. You could learn about yourself. You can let you mind wander. You can wish that you had updated your ipod because you went through all 1500 songs. On my 2,299 miles I learned that I do not want to sit in a car for that many miles for a LOOONG time. :) I know, I know it's supposed to be about the adventure ( which it was) but and this is a MAJOR but.

This Trip was supposed to be two days. We were to travel to the ski slopes (3 hours from our house) spend the night and return the following night. I had one set of good clothes for dinner and my ski clothes and toiletries. That was it. I am in no way joking. So at 5am we head for the said ski slopes arrive around 9am after stopping for breakfast. We get our tickets and head up the mountain only to find that the "Amazing" snow the website was claiming was a sham. A total PR stunt. the snow was Ice. I don't mean patches of Ice I mean CHUNKS of ice...

Needless to say we left after the first run. We knew we still had two days to do what we wanted so we thought we would head another 4 hours south to Wellington, The New Zealand Capital. About 12 hours later we are in the South Island of New Zealand courtesy of a 3 hour ferry ride between the cook straight. At midnight we were lucky enough to find someone who would open up and let us have a room. We were in Kaikoura. I have no idea what the place looks like at this point I just wanted to sleep.
We woke up the next morning and had no idea what we were doing. Kaikoura is known for the wildlife in the area such as whales, dolphins, and seals... So seals it was! We headed over to explore the coast line.

So somehow we ended up deciding to travel down the west coast and make our way to Queenstown ( The Snow Capital of NZ) Two days of exploring we saw a lot of just nothing but farm land and sheep... we went a whole day without cell service. We also got to see two amazing glaciers the Franz Josef and the Fox Glacier.

after we made it to Queenstown we had an amazing time snowboarding. That was until I heard about the Death of Farrah and Michael. Very, Very sad. I grew up listening to Michael like everyone else. I loved his music. Everything from the Jackson 5 to his last album Invincible

michael jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

Rest in Peace to the man who helped me fall in love with music... I will never stop dancing.
"...But you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone..."

in 2,299 miles your life can change. There is no doubt about it. I will never be the person I was 2,299 miles ago, might not be a bad thing. The world is beautiful, go explore.

Xox- J

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